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Below, please find several samples of my syndicated writing on economics. Each article is designed to be a great source of quick, easy-to-read content that helps you make sense of the economy and that you can share with others. If you are interesting in subscribing, and I hope you are, please contact me for pricing.


Muddling Millennials

Despite being better educated, in 2016 Millennial households had average net worth of $92,000; 40% less than Gen Xers and 20% less than Boomers (adjusted for inflation) at the same point in their respective lives. 33% of Millennials are homeowners, compared with 50% of Xers and just under half of … [Read more...]


High Storage Levels, Low Oil Prices

After almost reaching $55 per barrel (bbl), oil prices are again falling. What makes this decline particularly baffling is that in late 2016, after seeing prices languish for two years, the Organization of Oil Producing Countries (OPEC) announced that it, along with non-OPEC members such as Russia, … [Read more...]


Tax Reform Done Right

With elections right around the corner, tax proposals are surfacing like mushrooms after a rainstorm.  While we can all agree that the current tax code is a disaster, the most recent proposals regrettably range from just bad to positively dreadful.  Why?  They are political documents designed to … [Read more...]


Driverless Cars

At present, there are 240 million cars and light trucks in the USA, most of which are parked 23 hours a day or more. This idleness makes owning and driving a car expensive. If cars could just be used more, automobile transportation costs would fall. That is the promise of Uber, Lyft and all the … [Read more...]


Government Assistance Increases Wages!

All too frequently the argument is made that government assistance programs subsidize low wage employers. That is, firms like Wal-Mart, McDonalds and Target, to name just a few, are able to pay very low wages precisely because management knows that their low paid employees will qualify for Medicaid, … [Read more...]


Reservations About The Dollar

Since the start of the Great Recession of 2008 and the Fed’s decision to inject trillions of dollars into the banking system, there has been constant talk of the US dollar losing its position as the world’s reserve currency, the position it has held since the end of WWII. After all, our debt is huge … [Read more...]


Regulation and Its Unintended Consequences

Looking around the United States there are cities like Boston, Los Angeles and Washington, DC that have very high house prices. Yet there are equally successful cities like Austin, Dallas, Louisville and Oklahoma City that have much more affordable home prices. Why the difference? Of course the … [Read more...]


Economic Forecast for 2nd Half 2013: Sunny with Cloudy Periods

Looking ahead at the second half of 2013, the economic news is pretty solid. The US economy is on the mend, the labor market is slowly healing and house prices are up about 10% from year-ago levels. In addition, Europe (while in recession) appears to be holding together, DC budget brinksmanship is … [Read more...]