Fourteen Fast Facts

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Fourteen Fast Facts grew out of Dr. Eisenberg’s daily economics blog, and in response to client requests, his team curates the best of the daily blogs and adds new content into a weekly newsletter, Fourteen Fast Facts, which is designed to help the time-constrained keep up with the ever-changing economy in an engaging and highly digestible manner. Topics covered in the weekly newsletter include inflation, GDP and employment, banking and finance, housing and home building, industry sectors like energy, transportation, autos, retail, and other related subjects like regulation and legislation, the global economy, demographics, and trends. In keeping with the popular “Fun Friday” blog, the fourteenth fact each week is always the “Fun Finale,” which is intentionally fun and lighthearted.

Fourteen Fast Facts is tailored to share with clients and customers as a co-branded product. Fourteen Fast Facts is not intended and should not be understood or construed as financial advice. All opinions included in Fourteen Fast Facts are from Dr. Eisenberg’s personal research and experience and are strictly intended as educational material. Data sources are provided where appropriate and should be included in the final product. Dr. Eisenberg’s copyright information should be included with all distributions.

Please reach out to our team and see how we can assist you in leveraging the popularity of Dr. Eisenberg’s daily 70-word blog (with more than 20,000 subscribers) to bring added value to the table for your clients and customers.