Employed Elderly

 The prime-age population, those persons 25 through 54, number 125 million, of which 100 million are in the labor force. They comprise 63% of the labor force. Since 2000, about 17 million net new jobs have been created. And, all of them have come from the ranks of those aged 55 and older! During this time, the number of employed over age 54 has risen from 18.5 million to 35.5.

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  1. In your blog last month you wrote “the labor force participation rate for workers 25-54 rose to 81.9%, tops since 2010” In this blog post you state “They comprise 63% of the labor force.” Did it drop dramatically?

    • Elliot says:

      They comprise 63% of the population and 81.9% of them work. Nothing inconsistent here. The first number looks at how many of them there are, the second how many of them work.

  2. flatlined due to demographics? Would you please explain further?

  3. Is this increase because of the aging of the population? Were these people citizens, immigrants………? Service sector jobs?

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