Counting Cash

millionaireThe Friday File: While global wealth totals $255 trillion, the median wealth of all 4.8 billion global adults is just $2,222; the average is $52,819. In North America, it takes $4.47 million in wealth to be in the top 1%, in Europe it takes $1.41 million, in Asia-Pacific $660,000 and in China $230,000. The 33 million earthly millionaires, 0.7% of the global adult population, own 45.6% of all planetary wealth.

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  1. Cathy says:

    I’m curious about something. How much is this similar or different than history? Both recent history (last couple hundred hears) and more long term history? Without having any facts or basis to stand on, it seems to me that “a few” have always held the bulk of the wealth. Thoughts?

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