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yellen_5Trump’s plans to replace Fed Chair Yellen on 2/3/18 when her term expires is bad news; she is doing a very good job. What is worse, however, is his attacking the Federal Reserve for being politically motivated. These comments weaken the Fed’s independence. That makes its rate moves possibly less economically-grounded and predictable and increases inflation fears. And that raises risk premia which makes borrowing needlessly more expensive. Enough.

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  1. Sorry, you are being political.
    While there were 107,000 votes on Electoral difference, the popular system is not in effect or effective.
    It’s a bit like Idaho having two senators and Cali having 2 Senators, it’s a representation.

    Yellen is political alreasdy, why blamne Trump?

  2. Mike Russ says

    Enjoyed your presentation at NCUMA in Kauai. Third time I’ve had the privilege and each time has been informative, fresh and enjoyable!

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