Ding Dong for Twinkies

The Friday File: Invented in 1930 and manufactured at the rate of 1,000 per minute, the Twinkie is going bye-bye. A victim of health consciousness and bad management, Archie Bunker will need to slip something else into his lunchbox. Between 5/11 and 5/12 Hostess sales fell: Twinkies by 1%, Ding Dongs by 9%, and Ho Ho’s by 6%. Looks like Little Debbie is eating Twinkies for lunch!

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  1. James C. Salazar says:

    Dr. Eisenberg,

    Interesting that you failed to mention the Labor Union’s contribution to the demise of Hostess.

    James Salazar

  2. They might have sold more of they kept it all kosher!

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