This is a video of Dr. Elliot Eisenberg giving a keynote economic forecast presentation in Atlanta, GA in August 2014.

An entire keynote speech Dr. Elliot Eisenberg gave earlier this year in Des Moines and his most popular speech.

An hour long video of Dr. Elliot Eisenberg making a presentation on the economic impact of home building in the Tri-Cities of Washington State in late 2013.

This 18 minutes video provides an overview of the impact of home building report Dr. Elliot Eisenberg presented back in Washington State in June 2012. It gives viewers an excellent feel for his style.

The Builders Association of Northern Nevada’s Forecast 2011& Beyond featuring the economic impact of home building will inform and entertain you. Elliot Eisenberg is no boring economist. Check out a sample of his work from another presentation. The topic is different but you’ll get the idea!

Elliot Eisenberg presents on the Local Economic Impact of Housing in Springfield, MO. He colorfully describes how costly regulations and exorbitant fees killed housing construction activity and revenue for local governments.