Fan Figures

 The Friday File: The PGA is the sport with the oldest fans; an average age of 63.  Horse racing follows at 62, then NASCAR at 59 and cycling at 58. By contrast, soccer fans average just 41 years of age, followed by NBA supporters at 43. Tennis fans earn the most, averaging about $82,000, with NHL fans next at $80,000. The average age of hockey and tennis fans, roughly 50.

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  1. Cindy miller says:

    Hi Elliott
    Arrived home safely. Hope you did as well. Fan based ages interesting. Raising up future hockey players…amazes me. Young couples probably late 20’s 30’s. Many with multiple children 2-4. I am aware of two families with 6 & 7 children (not all on skates of course). Those 2 families added foster children to the mix.

  2. Doug Paterson says:

    Hello Elliott, hope all is well.
    Enjoy your blogs

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