Lotsa Labor

Employment growth was 228,000 in November and is averaging 170,000 jobs since August. The key takeaways: the job market is very strong, and growth is well distributed with solid gains across all education levels! The hurricanes have left no traces, and while wage growth is hardly Bitcoinesque at just 2.5% Y-o-Y, an increase in the average work week has boosted total wages by a respectable rate of 4.75% since August.

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  1. what will it take for real measurable wage growth? Aside from some isolated areas and/or high demand pursuits, I haven’t seen or experienced any real wage growth. Hard to sustain (real estate for one) rising costs/prices without that.

    • Elliot says:

      Perhaps lower unemployment. But, the issues may be deeper. Rest Assured that many economists are struggling with this issue. That is however, probably cold comfort!

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