Consumer Confidence

 As Measured by the Conference Board, October consumer confidence came in at 125.9, the highest reading since 12/00. This elevated level is a result of rising equity and home prices and an unemployment rate of just 4.2%, its best level since 2/01. A similar measure put out by the University of Michigan is at its best level since early 2004, and Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort index is near its post-recession high.

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  1. Steve Dymoke says

    Elliot, these are truly great statistics on the health of our economy. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the pending tax reform? It seems to me that adding significant stimulus to the current economy will only stoke inflation?

    • Given that our economy is at full employment, I would prefer to see a tax reform that is revenue neutral or that only helps the middle class and down on the individual side. On the corporate side, the ideas are OK but not great. I give the overall bill a C+.

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