Solid Sweat

 October’s 261,000 net new jobs was good, as were upward revisions to August and September totaling 90,000. Unemployment fell to 4.1%, its lowest level since 12/00, the broadest measure of unemployment fell to 7.9%, tops since 12/06, and job growth over the past three months has averaged a solid 162,000. But, wage growth was zero and Y-o-Y wages increases are an anemic 2.4%. Nonetheless, rates rise a quarter-point in December.11

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  1. Dr. E… please get the Twitter feed working again. I like your stuff, but prefer PUSH to PULL. Signed, an old Orange friend.

    • Elliot says:

      Thank you…..we recently did a website refresh and are checking to see what happened. We hope to get it fixed soon.

    • Elliot says:

      Hi Michael. We confirmed that you are able to share the post to Twitter. Maybe this is not what you were referring to?

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