One Occupancy

single person household In 1940, the percentage of one-person households in the USA was 7.7%, by 1960 it was 13.3%, and by 1980, 22.7%. In 2000, the rate was 25.8% and in 2016, 28.1%! DC has the highest percentage of one-person households at 42%, followed by RI at 31.8% and MT at 31.5%. Globally, Sweden, where one-person households are 47% of all households, holds down first place, followed by Norway at 40%.

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  1. HiHo Elliot,

    If the current percentage of one-person households is now at 28%, I would think that there would be more of a push for building smaller rather than bigger homes, wouldn’t you?

    Is this a market opportunity? Trailer parks of tiny homes? Any idea of the age breakdown? I suspect there is a large underserved market in smaller homes for the older population segments. Also, big market in smaller homes for one parent households, which is dominated by women.

    Between these two segments, there is large potential for smaller homes- 1,200 square feet and below with the big rock at about 8-900 sqaure feet. What do you think?

    Love your snapshots of reality!

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