Debt Dollars

The total US debt is $19.9 trillion. Of that, $5.5 trillion is owned by the government (like the Social Security Trust Fund) and $14.4 is held by the public. Of the public part, $6.175 trillion is held by foreigners.  Japan holds the most US debt at $1.13 trillion, followed by China at $1.12 trillion. Then comes Ireland at $271 billion, Cayman Islands at $262 billion, and Brazil at $255 billion.

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  1. oops, Elliot, some “t’s” need to be “b’s”….enjoy the blog a lot.

  2. I know that we Irish are prone to exaggerate, but I do not believe that Ireland holds $271 trillion of US debt.

  3. Warren Kapsner says

    What happen when everyone, worldwide; realizes this money can never be paid back?

  4. Warren Kapsner says

    Ireland, Cayman Islands and Brazil should be listed in Billions

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