Poor Policy

carrier-trumpTrump’s decision to essentially force Carrier to preserve 800 manufacturing jobs in Indianapolis is bad policy. If Trump thinks stunts like this will reverse the macroeconomic tide, he’s woefully uninformed. Moreover, other firms may threaten to outsource jobs to get financial incentives like Carrier. Lastly, to globally compete but with higher costs, the plant in Indianapolis will automate much of the assembly process, requiring new workers with better technical skills.

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  1. Brad Grant says:

    Local municipalities and states have been doing similar incentives like this for years, except they were competing with other local municipalities and states, not other nations. I would rather have our Federal Gov’t doing these type of deals than subsidizing ideology, ie. select solar, wind power, solar powered cars, health care, etc..

  2. Elliot , your bow tie got all bunched up in the emotions of Hillary getting defeated by TRUMP, Let us move on.

    The only way to finish a painting job is you must first start painting.

    Automation brings quality manufacturing and technology jobs. The Unions drove out mfg. jobs by resisting collective negotiations that would have required massive investment into technology’s automation and keeping the doors open with no increase in labor forces retirement benefits and long-term obligations

    So instead of investment tax credits the employer got stuck with unemployment benis and under achievers sticking it to the man. THIS PROBLEM still exist

    The work force need 500,000 computer coders and we have 55,000 available

    WE need to invest in education and automation the old school assembly line worker needs to get his PLUMBERS or ELECTRICTION license and make $40 per hour take home pay so he can pay for his over price USA made GMC

    I agree with you by the way this is a political move …but agree with me ….its a good one to get people to wake up !! you got to make money to stay in business.

    WE need a good immigration program …..their our labor …..they buy homes cars and beer.

    I hope i see you soon we have so much to talk about and you have so much to say.

    I enjoy your thoughts keep up the good work

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