Miniscule Margin

electionAssuming Trump wins MI where he’s ahead, and Clinton wins NH where she’s ahead, the final electoral college tally will be 306 to 232 for Trump. The three states Clinton lost where she was closest to winning were Michigan, with 49.87% of the vote, Wisconsin, with 49.51%, and Pennsylvania, with 49.41%. Had she received just 107,334 votes carefully sprinkled across those states, she would be president with 278 electoral votes.

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  1. Arthur Burns says:

    There are other analyses:

    1. Clinton’s margin in three states CA, NY and MA was a total of 6.5 million votes. Trump won the rest of the U.S. with a nearly 12% margin.
    2. Clinton’s winning margin in NYS was 1.5 million votes, her identical winning margin in NYC.
    3. MA contributed 1.0 million vote differential to Clinton.
    4. Trump swept from Carbon County, PA in a big arc all the thru to KY, excluding Southeast PA,  through the entire region all the way to TN, including OH and IN. Trump lost only 19 counties: From a total of approximately 550 counties.
    5. Trump won 30 states, Clinton 20.
    6. The Electoral College was originally called the “Connecticut Compromise.” It the Connecticut delegates who were concerned the economically expanding South would overtake the smaller Northeastern states.
    7. Today, one-third of the Democrat representatives in the House are from CA, NY and MA.
    8. There are only three requirements in the Constitution to be President:
    a. …over 35 years of age,
    b. …”native” born American (native not defined)
    c. … continuous U.S. residency 14 years prior to running for office.

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