Curdling Coagulant

scaryThe Friday File: Watching scary movies, think Halloween, causes the body to release an increased amount of a blood-clotting protein known as factor VIII by about 11.1 units per deciliter of plasma compared to watching an educational movie, enough to raise the risk of a blood clot by 17%. Acute fear probably activates the coagulation system to prepare the body for possible life threatening situations. As for the upcoming election……

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  1. Patrick says:

    Great to witness your Econmic Impact presentation in Texas at the Supreme Lending Sales Rally last month. I hope to gain more insight and knowledge from you.

    Although I give you credit every time, I’ve used your take on the election/candidate in many conversations:

    “My canaditenia an idiot, but yours is worse…”

    some are offended, but most laugh…thank you!

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