Sick Spending

healthcareAnnual US healthcare spending is $8,713/person, by far the highest in the world. Switzerland comes next at $6,325/person, followed by Norway at $5,852/person. Canada is 10th at $4,351/person, less than half the US total. Among developed nations, Korea spends the least at $2,275/person. As a percentage of GDP, US spending is a staggering 16.4%, followed by Netherlands and Switzerland at 11.1%. Ireland’s spending is the lowest among developed nations, 8.1%.

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  1. Did you actually believe that Obamacare was anything more than a pathway to single payer and socialism?
    It’s design to fail plain and simple.
    And lets not forget what the mastermind of Obamacare Jonathan Gruber said (paraphrasing) “we’re counting on the stupidity of the American people so we can shove it down their throats since we know better.”

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