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soda popThe Friday File: In 2014, flavored, unflavored, carbonated and non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage sales in the US fell by 1% to 12.76 billion gallons, or 40 gallons/person, the 10th consecutive year of declining volume. The top seller, Coke with a 17.3% market share, followed by Pepsi at 8.7%, Mountain Dew at 5.8%, Dr. Pepper at 5.1% and Gatorade at 4.6%. Despite the volume decline, revenues rose 1.4% to $77.4 billion!

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  1. Jon Coile says

    Hi, Elliot. How does water play into this? The big two have Aquafina and Dasani. Am I correct that the 13 Billion gallons includes bottled water as a non-flavored non-carbonated drink or is water different. If not included that would explain how a growing population is consuming fewer drinks every year for a decade. An interesting stat might be the market share of filtered tap water vs. bottled spring water. Love your Econ70 thought provokeres!

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