Minimal Migration

Youth unemployment in Spain is 56%, in Greece it is 58%, while in Germany it’s 8%. This should cause a mass influx of youth from these peripheral countries to Germany. Surprisingly, it’s not. Between 1/12 and 6/12 just 3,900 Spaniards and 6,900 Greeks made their way to Germany. Here in States, large unemployment rate differences between states don’t persist. Of course, we all speak one language and that’s the difference.

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  1. Not so fast!!! We are not talking about low-skill laborers or assembly line workers. I would estimate that the vast majority of 3900 Spaniards and 6900 Greeks are highly trained and educated professionals in their late 20s or early 30s. Most of them holders of several academic degrees with a variety of skills and qualifications. So, the numbers in this case may only say the partial truth.

    Even then, these 10,000 young southern europeans are taking something away from the economies of their own countries, thus widening the gap between north and south europe.

    just my two euro cents of thoughts,


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