The 60’s are Back

Median inflation-adjusted income (MIAI) for men in 2011 was $32,986, $14 shy of $33,000. While that’s $3,023 below the pre-recession high of $36,009 set in 2007, the all-time high of $37,017 was set in 2000. Worse, MIAI for men first exceeded $33,000 in 1968, yes 1-9-6-8! For women, the 2011 median was $21,102, $1,593 off the high of $22,695 set in 2007 and back to where it was in 2001.

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  1. Elliot, you are an interesting fellow 🙂
    Can you give the inflation rate since 1-9-6-8- please; so we can see what today’s dollars will buy in comparison?

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