Unemployed and Well Slept

The Friday File: What do the involuntary unemployed do with their free time? Researchers find that about 40% of their “free” time is spent working in the home which includes cooking, doing laundry, shopping, home improvement projects, caring for elder parents etc… 30% of the time goes to sleeping longer and TV. Another 30% is spent on other leisure activities like reading and going to movies. As for searching for a new job, that takes up about 1% of the extra hours!

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  1. Consider that per the above stats – 41% of time is spent in some economically productive action. How does this compare to persons employed full time? Free time is not defined but suggests that it is 24 hours since sleeping is included. The big difference is that the employed will most likely spend some money to hire outside services for the home. Still too much time is wasted on TV.

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