Payroll and Playoffs, Unrelated?

The Friday File: Baseball’s 3 teams with the highest payrolls are watching the playoffs on TV. The Yankees ($202.6 million) were upset by the Detroit Tigers ($105.7 million), while the Philadelphia Phillies ($172.9 million) were upset by the St Louis Cardinals ($105.4 million). The Boston Red Sox ($161.7 million) actually missed the playoffs after a staggering September swoon. Root for the cheapskate Milwaukee Brewers ($85.4 million).

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  1. Jake Barth says:

    It seems that payroll and attendance aren’t directly related either: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2012/07/10/chicago-cubs-lead-the-majors-on-this-index/. Perhaps the players overpaid?

    • Elliot says:

      Of course attendance is related to wins. But the Yankees are doing well again, whuch shows that if you vastl outspend the oppostion, you wil generally do well. Pittsburgh is haveing a great season and they are on a shoestring budget!

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