Payroll and Playoffs, Unrelated?

The Friday File: Baseball’s 3 teams with the highest payrolls are watching the playoffs on TV. The Yankees ($202.6 million) were upset by the Detroit Tigers ($105.7 million), while the Philadelphia Phillies ($172.9 million) were upset by the St Louis Cardinals ($105.4 million). The Boston Red Sox ($161.7 million) actually missed the playoffs after a staggering September swoon. Root for the cheapskate Milwaukee Brewers ($85.4 million).

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  1. Jake Barth says

    It seems that payroll and attendance aren’t directly related either: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2012/07/10/chicago-cubs-lead-the-majors-on-this-index/. Perhaps the players overpaid?

    • Elliot says

      Of course attendance is related to wins. But the Yankees are doing well again, whuch shows that if you vastl outspend the oppostion, you wil generally do well. Pittsburgh is haveing a great season and they are on a shoestring budget!

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